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Want to know when your site crash ?
Then try Crashcoyote
Crashcoyote is the tool that alerts you in real time when your site crash. no code, no setup.
Startup CEO
An great service that manages to make me smile when one of my sites is down
Account Manager
At last a simple tool for ensuring that my clients sites are in good shape
Product Owner
By alerting relevant people in my team in real time whenever we encounter a problem Crash Coyote is making my life easier.
Ok, but
Your own websites
To react quickly, or watch what your dev team is doing.
Your competitors' sites
To see how much better
and reliable than them you are
Other services you rely on
To avoid any bad surprise
OK, but
how does it work ?
Add a site url
for us to track it's crashes
Tell us who we should alert
So we know who to contact if there is a problem
And thats it
You will know whenever your site crash
Oh yeah ? That's all ?
It's crazy how simple it is to setup alerts in Crash Coyote.
And how much
does it cost ?
You're gonna love it
0$/ Month
  • 10 Urls
  • Realtime status updates
  • Email alerts
  • Slack and Microsoft Teams integration
  • Statistics and Dashboard
Track everything
4,99$ / Month
  • Unlimited urls
  • Multiple status pages
  • Email, SMS and Whatsapp alerts
  • Slack and Microsoft Teams integration
  • Statistics and Dashboard
We are taking care of your eyes too
light mode
Dark mode
that's it
If you want to know more, feel free to check our terms and conditions